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Are you looking for a new place for all of your hair care needs?
Changing Faces Hair Clinic is right here in marietta, Georgia, and we are waiting to serve you.
Our mission has always been to offer premiere hair care services that is professional and welcoming, one where clients come to grow as part of the family.
This combination of skill & compassion has allowed us to serve the community for over a decade.
Another important aspect of our hair practice is the fact that we are one of the few hair salons/clinics that offer non surgical hair loss treatments using the latest technology & equipment to help restore your hair which may include Laser Hair Therapy.
We offer excellent hair treatments for damaged hair, hair loss, dandruff problems, itchy scalp, and more.
Alopecia is an epidemic that is affecting many women & men. Our treatments are customized & designed to help most dermatological scalp disorders.
This includes our delicious hair mask treatments that we customize for your specific needs. We blend and make hair treatment masks from fresh fruits & vegetables such as avocado, honey, mango & ginger just to name a few.
Healthy hair is very important to us, & we make it our business to educate you on the best way to keep your hair healthy which may include your diet and nutritional factors.
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Holistic Hair

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Health & Wellbeing

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Hair Strand Testing

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DIY Shampoo – How To Make A Shampoo That Will Make Your Hair Grow. This shampoo will also, Stop Hair Loss, & Fights Dandruff In this video I am showing you how to make your own all natural shampoo. This homemade shampoo is the miracle cure for natural hair. This natural shampoo recipe shows you how to grow your hair with my secret ingredients. It is an amazing hair growth shampoo. This DIY shampoo also stops hair loss, restores the strength to your hair and fights serious dandruff. It also will give your hair an amazing shine. It is easy to make and has the most powerful ingredients to make your hair amazingly healthy. Please share this video with everyone you care about. Learn more from ask debbie about hair.

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Amazing Hair Care Products

We offer the best dermatological solutions for the treatment of scalp disorders & hair loss. Our products are FDA approved and clinically proven to treat and control dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, hair loss, eczema and other scalp related disorders.

PURE 7 Hair Repairing Oil: Boost Hair Growth -Stops Hair Loss & More...

PURE 7 stimulates new hair cell development, which activates hair growth. It can even help those bald edges start to grow back again. It helps to solve scalp problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis, & even eczema.

Black Onyx II Beard Oil

Black Onyx II Beard oil has many qualities that make it perfect for hair care – particularly for that area of your face.

Silk & Honey Hair Mask: Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

Our Silk & Honey Hair Mask, will transform your dry, damaged, parched hair, into hair that is silky, soft, shiny and very healthy.

Here's what our clients say's about us

Our hair services have been voted the best in Atlanta. Not only do we offer great natural hair styling, flawless sew-ins, funky pixie cuts, & great press & silks. We also offer a fantastic dry scalp treatment to resolve your dry scalp problems. An amazing itchy scalp treatment for that annoying and irritable itchy scalp problem. The best hair treatment for damaged hair, & an excellent dry hair treatment for that dry parched over processed hair. Our hair loss solutions for thinning hair and baldness has helped many of our faithful clients grow back their hair.


Let me help you today. The first step to getting your hair back is to make an appointment today for a comprehensive hair & scalp screening. Let’s find the cause & restore your hair.