The 4 Biggest Myths about Hair Growth

The first step in hair care is actually growing a full head of hair. But as simple as that may sound for some people, there are others who struggle with hair loss, caused by the quick shedding of those precious strands. It doesn’t help that there are various myths surrounding hair growth either.

If you’re struggling with hair loss, it can be confusing to hear these bizarre “facts” that people pass around too often. So what’s real and what’s not? Today we will be debunking some of the most common lies and half truths we hear about our own long locks. Here are four of the biggest myths surrounding hair growth:

1. Trimming Your Hair Regularly Will Cause It to Grow

We put this at number one because this is by far the most commonly heard myth by people who want to grow hair quickly. It says that if you trim your hair, let’s say at least once a month, it will grow back faster.

There’s just no logical explanation behind this. In fact, the only basis we can see in real life is that men get their haircuts every month, and their hair seems to grow back quickly. The only problem with this idea is that hair doesn’t grow from the tips – it grows from our scalp. So unfortunately, cutting it off will have no effect on your hair.

Still, there’s something you should know about this myth that makes it sound more credible than it actually is: professional stylists agree that when you cut your hair, the ends look sharper and therefore “fuller”. That is the same reason why it gives off the illusion of being thicker than it really is. It doesn’t grow back quickly, it just looks better because the split ends have been eliminated and frayed ends that cause breakage have been removed.

For women, it is suggested that you trim your hair at least once every six to eight weeks.

2.Plucking Your Gray Hairs Will Cause more of them to Grow

Just like the first one, this myth is very popular because it sounds true. Sometimes you might even find evidence that suggests it is true. But just like how hair looks fuller upon getting trimmed, it is also just an illusion.

When you pluck your gray hair, they won’t grow in number. They won’t be seeking vengeance on you for pulling out their gray brother. On the contrary, you might damage your scalp while plucking your hair, eventually preventing more hair from sprouting permanently!

To prevent this from happening, try ignoring the temptation of plucking every gray strand you see. One or two strands here and there can be safely plucked every once in a while, but if you overdo it, you better be aware of the consequences.

It’s perhaps a better idea to stay on the safe side: take care of your hair, and just embrace the gray. Chances are, these gray hair strands aren’t sprouting because you plucked them – they’re sprouting because they were meant to sprout and your hair really is already graying. Talk to your colorist or color your hair on your own, and stay away from bad plucking habits.

3. Sleeping with Your Hair down Will Cause it to Grow

People say that if you sleep with your hair down, it will allow your scalp to breathe. This will lead to faster hair growth because you’re letting your hair flow freely at night. Does this make sense?

Well, it doesn’t because it’s also just a myth! Did you know that there are three phases of hair growth? These are the anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. The anagen is the longest one and that’s where your hair begins to grow. It can take up to six years before this phase ends, and the hair strand enters the telogen phase where it begins to grow dormant. These phases are not affected by whether you let your hair down or not.

Instead, you are more likely to affect your own hair growth by taking care of it naturally, following proper washing and combing habits.

4. Hair Growth Stops at Some Point

Well, there is only a slight truth to this statement. Hair can keep on growing for around six years, as we previously mentioned. So it’s true that hair growth can indeed stop at some point. But without trimming your hair for six years, that would be quite the length to manage! You won’t need to worry about “reaching the maximum length” of your own hair, unless you want to break a world record.

Hair strands will grow as long as you want until it reaches its inevitable telogen phase, in which more strands will grow and replace them by shedding off old ones.

If there’s anything that affects hair growth other than proper hair care and maintenance, it has to be your diet and your fitness. Don’t listen to what others are saying. Ask yourself first: is this real? Or is it just a myth? Whether you’re struggling with hair loss or you just want to look your best all the time, you will need a critical eye and a perceptive ear to know the difference between silly misconceptions.

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