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Ginger not only makes food taste great, but it has many medicinal properties as well.  It can help calm nausea and it helps improve the circulatory system, which can have many benefits for your hair.  This root, which is used primarily in Asian cuisine, has many volatile compounds and oils that can help stimulate hair growth.  It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can aid to prevent dandruff.

ginger hair maskHow Ginger Helps Hair Growth

Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide, but hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent.  The reason for hair loss varies, but some people experience stunted growth because of poor circulation.  In fact, one of the first signs of poor circulation is hair loss on the body, including the head.

Ginger can help improve blood circulation, which can promote hair growth.  If you’ve ever tasted ginger root, you may have felt a warming, tingling sensation on your tongue. That sensation is what helps stimulate blood flow when using ginger root to make homemade hair growth remedies or shampoo.  By stimulating blood flow, this helps to stimulate hair follicles and can result in hair growth.

Using Ginger Against Dandruff

The accumulation of dandruff on the head, also known as psoriasis, can clog hair follicles and lead to hair loss.  However, ginger root has natural antiseptic qualities that can help clear up and prevent dandruff.  If you’ve had issues with dandruff, but have only tried commercial shampoos to try and get rid of it, try making a homemade remedy with ginger to help clear it up.

How to Make A Hair Growth Remedy

Although you may be able to find shampoos or hair ointments containing ginger in health food stores or online, it is easy to make a hair remedy containing ginger at home. All you need is a fresh ginger root, a grater and olive oil.  To promote hair growth, grate a tablespoon of ginger and mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil or you can use jojoba oil.

Apply the mixture to your scalp, rub it in using circular motions and leave it on for 30 minutes.  You may feel a warming sensation, which indicates it is working to improve circulation.  Rinse it out of your hair after the 30 minutes is up.  It is okay to shampoo your hair after you remove the mixture.  Do this on a regular basis to promote better circulation and hair growth.  Believe me when I tell you ginger really works for hair growth.

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