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Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged hair has become a major problem with many women who are wearing hair weaves and sew-ins.  Many women are getting their weaves put in by stylists who are either not licensed, or who has never been properly trained on the correct method for preparing, and installing a sew-in.  The results of this negligence is hair loss, (especially around your edges).  Another cause of damaged hair are chemical services, such as relaxers, and color.  Please understand,  relaxers and color services are not bad for the hair, but when a relaxer is not properly applied, or when a color service is applied using unethical methods, the results are hair loss, hair thinning, extreme hair breakage, dry brittle hair, etc. For these reasons you may need an extensive damaged hair treatment to revitalize and bring your hair back to life.

The Benefits Of Our Damaged Hair Treatment

Over the years our salon has seen a tremendous increase in clients who are experiencing hair loss and extreme damage, due to bad weaves, chemical services, and the “do it yourself” hair styling.  We have several custom hair treatments that are personalized to your hair needs.  The benefit of our damaged hair treatment is to :

  • Repair and Reconstruct Folliculer Damage
  • Strengthen Each Follicle From The Inside
  • Hydrate and Restore Moisture
  • Bring back Luster and Shine
  • Nourish Your Hair With The Proper Nutrients
  • Restore PH Balance

Our hair treatment begins with a one on one consultation and hair exam, followed by a digital hair and scalp analysis, which helps to see issues and problems that can not be seen with the naked eye.   A scalp massage, detox, and ozone therapy treatment, deep cleanse shampoo, deep therapy conditioning,  and a blow dry and style is also included with this service.

  • Exam
  • Digital hair and scalp analysis
  • Scalp massage (to help with blood circulation to the hair follicle)
  • Detox and ozone therapy treatment
  • Shampoo
  • Deep therapy conditioning
  • Blow dry and style

This damaged hair treatment is an intense reparative treatment that strengthens hair up to 75% after just one treatment.  For your best results, more than one treatment is recommended.

If you are struggling with damaged hair, call us today for one of our best hair treatments

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