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Hair Loss Treatment

We have the best hair loss treatments to fight hair loss. We use the latest technology to promote new hair cell development. Our hair treatments are top rated, safe and very effective. Call us today to discuss your needs. It will be the best thing you have ever done.

Hair loss is a topic that has become an everyday discussion.

Everyone loses hair. It is a normal cycle that causes us to shed up to one hundred hairs a day. With each hair that we lose from a normal shedding cycle a new hair follicle replaces it. However excessive shedding may be a sign of something more serious. Did you know 70 million people are suffering right now with some form of hair loss. There are many reasons why someone may be experiencing hair loss.
Stress, diet, illness, hereditary, hair care products, anemia, an immune deficiency, post pregnancy, scalp disorders, and surgery can cause hair loss, and excessive shedding. We recommend if you are experiencing hair loss to first see your doctor and request the following. Blood work it should include your vitamin D, B & C levels, a thyroid test, an anemia test and a test to check your auto immune system. Once these test are done and your results are acknowledged with your doctor we can help you get your hair back in good health.