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Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy Is The Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair loss is the silent epidemic. It has no discrimination and can effect anyone from young to old. Hair loss in women is also on the rise. It is no longer an issue just for men who are experiencing male pattern baldness, there are also female pattern baldness , disorders of the scalp, alopecia, chemotherapy, etc. With all of the issues that can cause hair loss, a new discovery has found that laser hair therapy can grow fuller healthier hair. It is known to have a very high success rate for hair regrowth, with no side effects and painless. This is the best hair loss treatment for many men and women today.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy treatments are the most effective hair loss treatment ever discovered to revitalize and restore new hair cells. Low level laser Therapy uses cool laser lights to stimulate energy and cell metabolism into the hair follicle. The absorption of light is delivered via measured wavelengths and amazingly restores and rejuvenates new hair cells. 93% of men and women who uses laser hair therapy treatments reports new hair follicles and substantial growth.

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