Our Reviews & Testimonials

We are amazed and grateful for the support and friendship we enjoy with our Clients. Their words both humble and lift me at the same time!

Joan from Atlanta, says:

” My scalp was always very dry and itchy.  I had lots of dandruff and thought that was normal.  I came in to see Ms Debbie, and after talking with her about my problem, she examined my scalp and started her treatments.  My scalp stopped itching that same day.  My dandruff is completely gone now, and my hair has grown so much. Even though I don’t have scalp problems anymore, I still see Ms. Debbie because her services & products really work! “

Tessa from Baton Rouge, says:

” I love the treatments, I had a baby and started to lose hair quickly.  I found Debbie online and read her reviews.  I came all the way from Baton Rouge to see her.  She even opened up on Sunday to meet me because of my schedule. My hair has starting growing back, and I am getting compliments from everyone. I feel and look so much better. She’s amazing and so is her team. “

Cyndy from Acworth, says:

” Before Debbie gave me a honey treatment, my hair was so dry and blah!.  It would not hold a style or a curl.  She suggested her honey treatment, and it really changed the mood of my hair.  It is so silky with a nice healthy shine.  So many people have been asking what I am using because my hair was ALWAYS dry and dull.  My dandruff and flakes are even gone. I must say I am very happy with my hair. “

Teresa from Marietta, says:

” I was diagnosed with Alopecia from my dermatologist.  I came to see Debbie with no hope for something better. She educated me about alopecia and explained that it just means hair loss. She has done several hair treatments on my scalp and to my surprise my hair started growing back in. She gave me hope even though my dermatologist made me feel like I was doomed. Glad to have met her.  She really really helped me when I was down & depressed. “

Pace from Atlanta, says:

” I started treatments because my hair was thinning.  I started a treatment program and after 6 weeks in the program I started seeing a change in my hair.  My hair stylist even mentioned that my hair was thicker and healthier! “

Angela from South Carolina, says:

“All I can say it was worth the trip!  Ms Debbie is very humble and has magic hands!”

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